10 Auction Home-Seller Benefits

10 Auction Home-Seller Benefits

An Auction is commonly seen as the most pro-active form of property marketing available.   Auction sales give you the vendor the opportunity of selling your property at a level in excess of market value due to the competition, urgency and excitement created during the campaign.   The Auction method of sale sources genuine qualified buyers quicker and gets better sales prices as a result.

There are 10 main reasons for choosing an Auction Sales Strategy, they are;

1. Three selling periods – Pre Auction, At Auction or Post Auction
2. Unconditional Contract of Sale
3. No Cooling Off Period
4. 10% Deposit upon signing of the Contract of Sale
5. Safety of an Undisclosed Reserve Price
6. There is a Time-line in place
7. The Creation of Urgency and Competition between Buyers
8. Fear of Loss by the Buyer
9. Maximum Price with Minimum Time on Market
10. No extra Cost when you use Munn Partners to Auction your home

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10 Auction Home-Seller Benefits