Real Estate Agent Selling Fees – The TRUTH!!

Call it what you like;

  • Commission
  • Selling Fee
  • Marketing Fee
  • Success Fee
  • Engagement Fee
  • Service Fee

It doesn’t matter it is all the same thing.

The Real Estate Agent gets paid a sum of money when a property transaction occurs, forget the semantics or the play on words, the agent gets paid money when the property sells.

The only difference is that some of the SO – CALLED no commission agents actually charge you a fee whether the property sells or not.     Funny thing is that they don’t advertise that fact!!

Traditional Real Estate Agents typically are up front about their fees to sell a property, there is the actual fee to sell the home “Commission” which is only charged if the property sells and the advertising fee which is totally separate from the selling fee and usually paid upon written invoice.

So before you decide on a Selling Agent take into account the whole truth of the matter regarding fees, don’t believe everything you see and hear in the No Commission Agents marketing, make sure you check the fine print of their offer.

At Munn Partners Real Estate we are totally transparent with our fees, they are clearly stated on our website and marketing material, Munn Partners also offers a Price Beat Guarantee.   Our Selling Fee/Commission is only payable upon sale & our advertising is payable upon 7 day invoice.

Call us today to get honest advice and facts so you can make an informed decision about your real estate goals.

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Real Estate Agent Selling Fees – The TRUTH!!