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Property Financing - What's Changed??

January 23, 2019

General Real Estate News

Impossible lending environment is ‘rubbish’, investors told! The tightening lending environment is scaring off investors, but one property educator shares why this is “a whole lot of rubbish.” According to Helen Collier-Kogtevs at Real Wealth Australia, the feedback she receives from the investors she educates is that it is still hard to acquire financing and […]

Negotiating Power - Private Treaty Sales

October 8, 2018

General Real Estate News Real Estate Home Seller

When a property is placed on the market with a private treaty sales strategy (normal for sale) it is vitally important to position yourself (as the vendor) in a position of strength in relation to price negotiations with prospective buyers. Our belief is that a single asking price is the correct pricing strategy as it […]

Our 3 Strategies to Find the Right Buyer

August 8, 2018

General Real Estate News Real Estate Home Seller

1. THE BUYERS WE ALREADY HAVE All our buyers are entered into our comprehensive database system.   The first strategy is to go directly to these buyers.    We will personally call, email and text them to give them the news that your property is for sale and that it fits their criteria. These buyers will be […]

Spring Is Coming!!

July 25, 2018

General Real Estate News

We call it ‘The Selling Season!’ Every year, as the weather starts to warm up, genuine buyer enquiries go through the roof! If you’re planning a move ANYTIME in the next 6 months, NOW is the time to act Spring is the PERFECT time to plan an awesome selling campaign and get a top result. […]

20 Important Questions

May 10, 2018

Real Estate Home Seller

Please find below some of the most important questions that should be considered when selling your home.   If you are seeing a number of agents it might be an idea to use this as an agenda to your meeting.    It may save you time, provide the meeting with structure and help determine the most suitable […]


April 13, 2018

Real Estate Home Seller

ENSURING THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE A Real Estate Truism is that the longer a property remains on the market the lower the eventual sales price will be. Keeping this in mind we have devised a pro-active selling strategy that safe guards your property from becoming stale to the market and ensures we get the best […]

Common-sense Pricing Guidelines

April 12, 2018

Real Estate Home Seller

What is your property worth?   Consider the following;  What you paid for your property does not affect its value.  The amount of cash you need from the sale of your property does not affect its value.  What you want for your property does not affect its value.  What another real estate agent says your property […]

Our 22 Point Plan of Action

January 11, 2018

Real Estate Home Seller

Every successful business knows that if you fail to plan you are really putting in place a plan to fail. That’s why we have a tried and proven 22 point Plan of Action designed with Success in mind. Does your agent have a systemised plan of action in place? If not, call us and we […]

Converting Buyer Leads into Physical Inspections

December 14, 2017

General Real Estate News

Marketing is all about converting the buyer lead, into a physical inspection of the property, the more physical inspections the greater chance of buyer competition leading to multiple offers which generally results in a higher sales price. Therefore it is vitally important to monitor the online performance of your property as compared to similar local […]

Real Estate Agent Selling Fees – The TRUTH!!

December 5, 2017

General Real Estate News

Call it what you like; Commission Selling Fee Marketing Fee Success Fee Engagement Fee Service Fee It doesn’t matter it is all the same thing. The Real Estate Agent gets paid a sum of money when a property transaction occurs, forget the semantics or the play on words, the agent gets paid money when the […]

Personal Service - Our Point of Difference

November 30, 2017

Real Estate Home Seller

HOME SELLER PERSONAL SERVICE When you list your home for a Private Treaty Sale or an Auction Sale with Munn Partners Real Estate, you are serviced personally by the Business Owners, from the initial phone call, through the appraisal process, the listing process, the sale process and all the way through to the successful settlement […]

There are 2 House Prices in Real Estate

November 23, 2017

Real Estate Home Seller

THE LOGICAL PRICE – This is where recent local sales of similar properties provides a realistic or ‘Logical’ guide to the estimated sale price. THE EMOTIONAL PRICE – This where the Selling Price can EXCEED the Logical Price because Buyers get Emotionally involved.     *Think of an Auction or Multiple Offer Bidding War* IF YOU ARE […]

Reason For Selling - A Powerful Marketing Tool

November 15, 2017

Real Estate Home Seller

A CLEAR AND OBVIOUS REASON FOR SELLING WILL HELP YOU SELL FOR MORE, AN EVASIVE OR UNCLEAR REASON WILL NOT. It is a myth that telling a buyer why you are selling your home will put you in a vulnerable position. In fact, sharing the real reason for the sale is an important marketing weapon.   […]

First Home Buyer - Top Tips

November 9, 2017

Real Estate Home Buyer

Research Finance:   Sit down with your Bank Loans Officer or an Independent Mortgage Broker, you need to know what is required to get a home loan, what loan capacity you have and which loan product suits your circumstances better.   A consultation with a loans expert should be able to answer all your finance questions. Market:    […]

Home Buyer - Tips For Auction Success

November 3, 2017

Real Estate Home Buyer

Be Prepared Research the market well before the sale date. Attend as many open for inspections of similar properties to draw comparisons. Monitor property auctions in the local area to get a feel for the process and an understanding of local market value. Organise your finance as early as possible. Ask your legal representative to […]


November 1, 2017

Real Estate Home Seller

In most parts of Australia today, it takes four to six weeks to sell a (properly marketed) property.    If your property is not sold in that time, there are 2 things to check immediately: (1) check the professionalism and reach of your agent’s marketing; (2) check the buyer/market feedback. James & Michelle Munn said that, […]

7 Top Presentation Tips

October 25, 2017

Real Estate Home Seller

7 TOP PRESENTATION TIPS ASK A TRUSTED FRIEND & YOUR ESTATE AGENT When you have made the decision to sell your home, we suggest that you enlist the help of a trusted friend & your estate agent.   We recommend that they inspect your property separately as a buyer would and to make comments in relation […]

10 Auction Home-Seller Benefits

October 18, 2017

Real Estate Home Seller

10 Auction Home-Seller Benefits An Auction is commonly seen as the most pro-active form of property marketing available.   Auction sales give you the vendor the opportunity of selling your property at a level in excess of market value due to the competition, urgency and excitement created during the campaign.   The Auction method of sale sources […]